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New Installation 'Pre-Site'

SolRx Energy performs solar 'Pre-Sites' for industry partners, homeowners, and building owners looking for an unbiassed feasibility assessment for adding solar to a home or business.


Pre-Site Includes: 

  • Roof Survey

  • Electrical Capacity

  • Solar Capability

  • Performance Estimate

QC Inspection

Whether your solar is brand new or 20+ years old, SolRx can perform a detailed inspection to determine the quality, safety, and productivity of your solar power system. We will visit your site and provide a written report of findings. 

Inspection Includes: 

  • Mechanical Systems

  • Electrical connections and boxes

  • Roof/Mounting System 

  • Monitoring Connectivity

  • Performance Assessment

System Mapping

Solar electric systems with MLPE (SolarEdge and Ephase for example) must be accurately mapped for monitoring software and personnel to manage solar plants effectively. SolRx Energy maps, records, and uploads bar code data to monitoring provider portals. 

Device mapping includes: 

  • Access MLPE ID

  • Record device placement

  • Upload to portal & confirm

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