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New Residential PV 

SolRx Energy installs photovoltaic systems across San Diego County. After a review of your electric bill and satellite image of your roof, we provide a price quote and financial statement. Most of our systems have a payback period of 4 years. 



System Includes: 

  • System Design and Permitting

  • Utility Process

  • Complete Installation

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • No Issues. Guaranteed.

172578_battery_car battery_icon.png
Energy Storage Systems

We offer Enphase and inverter specific battery systems as well as inverter agnostic storage products ranging from 10kWh to 48kWh integrated with your Stand-by loads panel. These systems provide battery back-up in case of black out and also TOU cost savings programs.

Battery Provides:

  • Subpanel protected from Black Outs

  • Time Of Use Savings

  • Minimize Export to utility

  • EV Charging during Black Outs

  • Piece of Mind! 

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating Systems are effective and easy to install. We add enough black pool heating panels to add 15 degrees to your pool. This extends your swim time by 6 weeks at both ends of the season.  


Pool Heater Includes:

  • System Design

  • Panels, Controller, Bypass Valve

  • Training and Service

  • Extended Swimming Season

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